So the last time I went on a little health kick, I wanted to get rid of all the chemicals in the house. My Audrey had somehow opened the baby lock on the cabinet and reached in to find my all purpose Clorox disinfectant, she then proceeded to spray it in her mouth, why I have no idea! After calling poison control, I spent a whole day on pinterest trying to get recipes for homemade cleaning products and I actually found some really good cleaning products that I think work better than what I had been using!

I did try a few products from Mellalueca and I actually really like them! They were a little expensive but they worked wonderfully, the only thing that bothered me was that even though they claim to have wonderful all natural products they don’t put their ingredients on the bottles! You have to call their 800 number and talk to a representative about the ingredients. I think if your going to flaunt how natural your products are, you should want to flaunt your ingredient list as well. However if your not jumping on the chemical free bandwagon and just want a product that works really well and is much safer if a child got a hold of it than if they grabbed the Drano, they are great! I used the laundry detergent and liquid fabric softener, the clothing stain remover, the tub and tile cleaner, all purpose kitchen disinfectant, and the kids shampoo. All work much better than anything I have used from Walmart!

When I ran out of their disinfectant and laundry items I decided to try and make my own. I have been very pleased with my homemade laundry detergent which is:

2 cups of borax
2 cups of washing soda
1 bar of kirks castile soap (grated)
Mix together in a jar and scoop about 1 tbs per load.
Use white vinegar as fabric softener.
Your close don’t smell like vinegar once they come out of the dryer but you could put a little essential oils in the vinegar if you miss that laundry softener scent 😀
My husband works for a stone masonry company so his clothes are always dusty and gross and they actually used to come out of the dryer “crispy”… ick. But since we got rid of the Extra brand and Tide detergent and started using homemade they come out feeling great!

I also make my own disinfectant spray for the counters and table etc.
1/4 cup of vinegar
1/2 tbsp. of borax
4 cups of hot water
funnel into a spray bottle and shake! This is one of my favorites, won’t buy this in stores again!

I LOVE Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap! I use it for washing my dishes, as a body/face wash, and put a little in the bottom of a foam hand soap dispenser and fill 98% of the bottle with water and it works great! Any stuck on food on my dishes just wipes off and my skin is soft and really feels clean without all the chemicals.

I also use coconut oil as a moisturizer after showers (while your still wet!) I even bought a separate bottle of coconut oil just to keep in my bathroom!

It’s really nice being able to just mix up some more product when you need it! It takes maybe 2 minutes and it lasts a long time! And you can clean just about anything with vinegar, borax, washing soda and castile soap!
One step closer to being domestic!